New eBook – “the Language Hunter’s Kit”

Language Hunter's kit cover page eBook

The cover to the first complete text on Language Hunting, new in 2012

With the help of the good folks at, I’ve just released a work-in-progress version of the first complete book on Language Hunting, the Language Hunter’s Kit.

LeanPub offers a format where readers can purchase the eBook before it’s done, get a sneak peak, and ask questions and offer feedback that will improve their experience and make the book serve their needs better. Often a book will be published when it is only 10% done.

There is a lot more to add to the Language Hunter’s Kit book, but already it’s chock full of diagrams, instructions, stories, and tools for improving your langage learning.

As always, our goal at Language Hunters is a world full of players teaching each other to Language Hunt and become multilingual. The best way to address the world’s endangered language crisis is to remove the need to choose between languages!

And of course every copy of the Language Hunter’s Kit eBook you purchase helps fund our work.

Buy the Language Hunter’s Kit here.

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