One thought on “Hosting Language Nights

  1. Hello again! This is James Williams, the person who periodically wrote at the College of Mythic Cartography who struggled with many internal forces regarding the E-Primitive/E-Prime/B-English debate.

    I went on another journey of soul searching and took a side job as an assistant to a book editor. I have realized that although I enjoy writing and agree with many principles on the College of Mythic Cartography’s website, my autism made it difficult to cut out the verb “to be” from my writing. I felt as if I could not speak my voice, even though I never wanted to assert that my life and thoughts were static and unchanging.

    So is it a sin to use the verb “to be,” even if it goes against many principles of the world? I find that I cannot speak my thoughts without using that word. And I share many thoughts within the autism community.

    My hope is that in 2021, I will be able to finally attend the Rewilding conference as an attendee to share my experiences as a person with autism coming to terms with rewilding.

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