It’s been a while!

Due to economic and social forces, the administrative staff here at Language Hunters have been quiet – working private sector jobs, traveling, and so on.

However it may surprise you to know that there is now a thriving Scots Gaelic language hunting community based in Seattle, WA, under the name “Zero to Gaelic”, run by Language Hunters board member Seumas Gagne. And that during this several-year administrative hiatus our Creative Director, Brían Ó hAirt, has still been running Irish language games and building the language community.

Language Hunters also sponsors an annual conference, the Thermodynamics of Emotion Symposium, where we explore the theory base for accelerated learning and intervening in complex living systems. This year marks our third conference.

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Fall 2013 Irish Immersion Weekend

Here’s a round-up of scenes from our Irish language hunting weekend. We had countless conversation games immersed in Irish over the 3 days. Our next weekend is coming up February 28th – March 2nd 2014. We hope to see you there! Check here to register.

New Play Materials Coming Soon!

Here’s a sneak peek at our upcoming play support materials. Make sure you look at the free ebook, “Getting Started with Language Hunting”, so you are up to date on where the craft of language hunting is going.

Irish Immersion Summer Camp 2013 in Portland, OR, July 29th-August 2nd

Here you can see scenes from our last Irish language event this past April. This summer’s Irish Camp will look very similar, and we’ll be rolling out and implementing at least 4 new innovations to the language hunting system –

  • An improved Bucket Brigade involving separate tables for players at the 1 Q&A, 2 Q&A, and 3 Q&A levels of conversational exchanges.
  • The most recent iteration of the map of the Language Hunter’s Journey
  • New rules for organizing your own games – the Tree Diagram of Language
  • New rules for getting “over the hump” from Intermediate to Advanced – while staying in the flow of fluency!

To register for this summer’s Irish camp, follow this link. We look forward to seeing you there!