What’s in the Way of an Update

Failed meet-ups. Limited willing test subjects. Insecurity of my developing skill. Significant distance from the LH Headquarters.

... in the way....

Challenge after challenge- I was beginning to stress out. What will the Language Hunters reading this blog think when I feel like I’ve made so little progress? How can I have anything valuable to say when I seems as though all of my plans have crashed and burned? I wanted to hide my hunting failures. I was worried I was falling further and further away from Language Hunting.

I was at a loss in regards to detailing my adventures. Then, the other day, I realized something- I bet I’m not alone.

I imagine that any individual who has taken up Hunting on their own accord has felt like this at some point or another during their hunting acquisition. “Yes, I’ve watched the videos,” you might say. “Yes, I’ve played the game with a couple of friends. But, where do I go from here? What, exactly, can I do with this, right now?”

With all of these challenges “in the way”, Hunting can seem like a difficult task to really motor on. However, today I thought, what if these bumps in the road are not “in the way”. What if, instead, they become “the way”? In my mind, the distinction is the difference between hitting a wall that stops you in your tracks, or creating a new path to get to the other side of the wall.

I’ve got to change the way I go about things if I want to keep on going. Today I’m thinking: If native speakers won’t come to me, how can I go to them? If I’m scared of looking like I don’t know what I’m doing, how can I be more comfortable? If I’m far away from the all the Hunting activity in Portland, how can I make my own events where I am?

Are there any other novices out there who have come across the same problem? Did you move forward? If so, how?

Until next time,


One thought on “What’s in the Way of an Update

  1. Thank you Maggie for such an honest post! And yes, what you’ve portrayed matches my experience. I’ve seriously ‘hit the wall’ twice with game, for pretty much the reasons you stated at the top of your post, plus some personal life stuff.

    I haven’t played in months – a huge disappointment, when I remember the glimpses of the game’s awesomeness I’ve experienced, and the investment of time (including Willem’s and Evan’s).

    I’ve realised that for me, despite all the technique I’d learned, there was still something missing.

    To quote Morihei Ueshiba out of context:”…the true Aikido will emerge”. And “WAYK-do NZ” just wasn’t ready to emerge, my pushing it wouldn’t help.

    So I’ve taken up Aikido! And oh yeah. Yep. Feel it straight away, technique “Immersion”, the value of being in an actual room (!) full of people (!) pulling each other through this “Culture of interaction” which goes deeper than technique. And oh wow, the relief of knowing TQ”Same conversation”, I can just turn up each week and people will be there willing to play. Huge.

    (by the way, for the connection between Aikido and “WAYK-do”, see here http://blog.whereareyourkeys.org/2011/02/28/wayk-a-mental-martial-art/ )

    As long as I’m playing Aikido, I feel like I’m in “the game”, soaking up techniques. As for the specific manifestation that is language-hunting, I’m not pushing myself back into it, into/through/around/over this wall. That’s TQ “Full”, for me one of the most fundamental and difficult of techniques, especially once you’ve started investing your identity into the game as much as I did.

    Thanks again Maggie for being honest about “the wall”, and all the best with finding your way to deal with it!

    Warm regards,

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